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CPR/AED & First Aid Training

What:  American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid Training - Adult & Pediatric

Who:  All Scout leaders (limit 24 per class)

When:  Nov. and Dec. - Dates TBD soon (two separate trainings)

Where:  TBD

Why:  Health & Safety of our Scouts and Scouters is of the utmost importance!

How:  As soon as the dates are confirmed we will create a link here.

Cost:  $50 at the door - cash or check only

Contact Kirk French for more information.

Can youth attend?:  Participants must be physically capable of properly performing a minimum of 5 cycles of CPR to receive certification.  One cycle of CPR includes the ability to compress the chest of a training maniquin a minimum of about 1.5 inches for infants, about 2 inches for children and at least 2 inches but no greater than 2.4 inches for adolescents and adults at a rate of 100 to 120 compressions per minute along with delivering 2 rescue breaths.