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Elm Fork District Announcement and Calendar 2019-20

New district announcment and updated calendar (8/19/19).  Click on links below for calendar and announcment.  Please check back periodically for updates to the calendar.  

TO: ELM FORK DISTRICT (former North Star & Blackland Prairie districts)

DATE: July 27, 2019




My name is Ed Bardwell. I am a Circle 10 scouting volunteer and it has been my honor

to serve as the Transition Committee chair for the merger of the Blackland Prairie and

North Star districts. Through the Council realignment study, it was determined that

unifying these districts was in the best interests of the community, the youth and the

units, and that together the merged district would have the critical mass of Scouts and

Scouters to provide an amazing Scouting Experience for all involved.


There have been many steps in this process and I have had a great committee with

leadership from both districts to drive this effort. A special thank you to David Ragsdale,

Larry Brown, Mark Avery and Jay Smith for their involvement.


One of the main steps in the transition process was to select a new name for the district.

To accomplish this task, a separate group of Scouters were identified to guide the

exploration. In addition to soliciting names (and receiving over 20 options!) and

researching possibilities, the naming subcommittee had to work within Council

guidelines. These guidelines required that the new name:


  • Exclude all of the ‘words’ within either of the current district (North, Blackland,
  • Prairie, Star)
  • Not be recycled from a previous district name
  • Not use the initials of another Circle 10 district

The committee, comprised of Scouters from both districts, wanted a name that uniquely

represented all of the area and that everyone could own equally. Through the

nomination process and adhering to the Council guidelines, the naming subcommittee

selected “Elm Fork” as the name for the new district.


In part, the name was selected because the Elm Fork is a tributary of the Trinity River

that flows 21.5 miles through the district. It was the first source of water for Carrollton,

Farmers Branch and Dallas. It’s location and role in the history of the community are

undeniable. As a district name, Elm Fork will allow Scouts and Scouters to have a

unifying geographical reference and an interesting backstory that can grow as the

district establishes itself.


Welcome to Elm Fork district!


Yours in Scouting,


Ed Bardwell