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New Weather Hazards Training Requirement

Even if you are not a new leader, Weather Hazards Training has been required since 2008 for a unit to attend a tour or activity.  Units must have, at least, one (1) weather hazards trained leader attending the event.  Go to my.scouting.org to complete the online training.  If you do not have an account, be sure to have your BSA ID # when creating your account so you will receive credit for this training.

*Direct contact leader:

  • Cubmasters/Asst. CM
  • Den Leaders/Asst. DL (including Webelos)
  • Scoutmasters/Asst. SM
  • Venture Advisors/Assoc. Adv.

Any committee chair or member trained in their position after April 30, 2018, also, having direct contact with Scouts on a tour or activity must have Weather Hazards Training - to not do so violates BSA policy.