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Merit Badge Day Workshop

Merit Badge Day Workshop

Attend Merit Badge Day Worship on Sat., May 4 from 8 am to 3 pm at Holy Covenant United Methodist Church, Carrollton.  The classes are Citizenship in the Community, Communication, and Family Life.  Scouts should come with blue-card signed by unit leader for each class they attend.  

Past Adult Award Winners


2016  Lori Beard, Kenny Patterson
2015  Edgar Betancourt, Christina Brand, Lennie Wieleba-Lehotzky
2014 Felicia Rogers, Toi Vertz, Noor Hajyani
2013 Jeff Bentley, Martha Finklea, Linda Sutor, Debbie Luttrell, Michelle Holcomb
2012  Rob Bader, Margaret Bareis, John Pugh, Larry Rodriguez
2011 Michael Hawkins, Julie Moseley, Charleen Pugh, Tracey Ramsey
2010  Lisa Baker, Tom Cornwell, Summer Hulme, Paula Ramsey, Lisa Sizemore, Susan Waida

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