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Training - "Do Your Best"

"Effective training is the foundation of a successful Scouting program." This is a recent quote by our NS Committee Chair and former T876 Scoutmaster, David Ragsdale, while attending a NS District Training Committee meeting.  There is never a lack of opinions on what type of training is best, or "effective." The NS District Training Committee is 100% dedicated to giving our district, as well as any others who want to join us, the best, most effective, training experience possible. While online training has certainly made some training more accessible to very busy Scout leaders, the NS Training Committee would like our Scout leaders to know that we are going to give you the most effective training in person. Why? Here are our reasons:

  • Wood Badge teaches us that "relationships, relationships, relationships" are the key to leadership and building a strong Scout program - You can talk to our trainers, ask questions, and share experiences to help other leaders, as well as, the trainers
  • You have the opportunity to build relationships with other leaders that you may rely on to help you with your unit
  • While a Scout is trustworthy, some have fallen to the temptation to not complete the online training as designed
  • We always have food!
  • Some trainings give these really cool wooden name tags for your uniform
  • Online training is the minimum requirement for training.  Scouts leave a place better than they found it - training should be no different
  • Someone recently asked, "Would you like your heart surgeon to have only had online training."  Of course we don't do surgery, but if we believe the quote above from Mr. Ragsdale, we all want to have the best training available in our Scouting program.

Our committee has met numerous hours over the course of the summer to prepare effective in-person training.  We hope you will encourage your units to attend.  See the district training page for the courses available this fall.

Also, if you are a Scouter who has a heart for training and would like to be considered for becoming a trainer, please contact our training chair, Priscilla Ragsdale .  We want our training team to be represented by as many different units, as possible.